I Have A New Website

23 05 2010

Sorry guys but this is the last post for this blog but the good news is i have new website so check it out the URL is


Check It Out


Funny Baby’s

14 05 2010






Alice in Wonderland

10 03 2010

i just saw this movie wow this movie is great if i had to make an age on who could go see i would say 5 and up but i am don’t that good at naming ages like this but johnny depp he did great great greatgo mad hater it came out 3/5/10 you will love it i promise i would see it 3D if i where you but do whatever you want so i think you will love it oh look at the time i got to go i am late for a very important date so i have to theres no time to say hello goodbye im late im late im late goodbye



Club Penguin Quest for the Golden Puffle

26 12 2009

ok before we get started lets go to a cheat

1. Go to the first page of the catalog.
2. Click on the golden puffle.


ok this just opended christmas day oh and merry christmas so i really don’t have anything else to say so bye

Club Penguin Cheats

17 12 2009

hey here is some cheats to club penguin look heres how it works you look at the pictures and you go to the place you see it and click where you see it wheres it high lighted ok you got ok lets go oh wait before we get started heres where the pin of the week its in the forest oh look heres a picture

ok now we can get started this is the igloo catalog after that we will get the clothing catalog

ok that all the igloo catalog now heres the clothing catalog

get the Red Viking Helmet. Then click on the red helmet to close the window and repeat three times to get the Blue Viking helmet.

ok that is it i hope you liked it

Club Penguin

20 11 2009

ok club penguin
is a really fun game online its really cool o and they have games all around penguin world and the game i love is Card-jitsu

o and coming November 24th will be Card-Jitsu Fire
Card-Jitsu Fire

sorry i could not put the video up here but i am having trouble ok card-jitsu fire is coming November 24th that is in four days i am so happy okay i do not about card-jitsu fire but what i can tell you about is where to go to play it okay

Step 1: go to the dojo courtyard in the back it looks like china so you go inside and go to sensei

where is sensei there is a card-jitsu sing and sensei will appear click on him and he will tell you the rest

Step 2: Earn your belts and beet sensei

Step 3: now once you beet sensei he will tell you about a ninja hideout

know when you go in there will be a fire tomb click on it and go in the door

and you will be at the place to play card jitsu

okay now heres something i must tell there is a way to be invisible okay to be invisble

Step 1: now you must be have on an this must be the only thing if you want to be invisble have on a mask a black belt and a ninja suit

Step 2:now dance

and your invisble ok i think that is all o bye the way its free

I Love Lucy Harpo Marx And Ricky Thinks He’s Getting Bald

31 10 2009

Harpo Marx 1/3

Harpo Marx 2/3

Harpo Marx 3/3

Ricky Thinks He’s Getting Bald 1/3

Ricky Thinks He’s Getting Bald 2/3

Ricky Thinks He’s Getting Bald 3/3